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1How old do I have to be to participate in a language course?

It depends on country to country bases, and it varies from 16 to 18 years of age. Minimum age of participant is always visibly stated on every course description.

2Are there any language courses for absolute beginners?

You can book many language course as an absolute beginner and after two weeks, you'll already have reached a level with which you can make yourself understood in certain everyday situations. Under every course description it is stated minimum language level. Please keep in mind that courses for absolute beginners can start on a fixed dates.

3Is any English spoken at these courses?

By avoiding English, participants will learn to find their way around the new language as quickly as possible and, secondly, the other students on the language course may not have an English-speaking background.

4How early on should I book a language course?

We recommend you begin booking a course approximately 2-3 months in advance, so as to avoid disappointment, especially during the high season July and August. The complete payment will have to be deposited 30 days before the beginning of the actual course. Read our booking conditions for full details.

5Can I book a one-week language course?

Yes, you can. If you will book only one week, we suggest that you choose more intensive course. Some courses are not available on a weekly bases, you can select only from offered number of weeks.

6What levels are offered?

In majority schools courses are divided into: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Advanced levels. Each of these levels is subdivided into three further levels, according to the ability of the student.

7Is a placement test taken?

On the first day of their course each student takes a placement test/leveling test in order to assign student to the course level that best fits their current language skills.

8When do the courses start?

Courses are held all year round. Normally, courses start every Monday and classes are held till Friday. Some destinations have start days other than Mondays, so please check the prices and services page of your desired destination.

9What about accommodation?

The accommodation options vary according to the city your language course is held in. Schools offer several types, including homestays, residential accommodation, apartments and hotels. Arranging accommodation yourself is another option.

10Is board included with accommodation?

Depending on the destination the accommodation may include full board, half board or no board. Generally apartments offer no board while the homestay accommodations offer half or full board options.

11When is the best day to arrive at my accommodation?

Accommodation is made available on Sundays or, otherwise, on the day before your course starts. Some types of accommodation in certain cities have different arrival/departure days. More information can be found on the different destinations' pages. If you have booked a transfer from the airport to your accommodation, you will be met by school's team-member and accompanied to your lodging place. If you do not have a transfer booked, then you should follow the directions provided in our welcome pack.

12When should I plan my departure day for?

Normally, the day of departure should be a Saturday, or a day after you finish your course. Some accommodation types in certain cities have different arrival / departure days.. If you have booked a transfer from your accommodation to the airport, you will be accompanied all the way by a member of the school's team. If you have not booked a transfer, you can get all the necessary information on how to get to the airport during your stay with us, prior to your departure - just ask at our school reception!

13Are any leisure activities organized?

Most of the school organizes evening activities and weekend excursions for students to enjoy.

14Are certificates given upon course completion?

Upon completion of a language course each student receives a certificate of participation. Long term courses can also lead on to international examinations.

15Do I need Health Insurance?

We strongly recommend a good medical coverage. You can either obtain your own health insurance or purchase one by us. For the biggest choice of accommodation options please book as early as possible but in general it is also possible to enroll for a course at fairly short notice.

16What qualifications do the teachers have?

All of the teachers are experienced and have a degree and a recognized certificate in teaching to foreign students.

17What teaching methods schools use?

All schools use a variety of teaching methods depending on what is being taught: grammar, comprehension, conversation etc. Most students make the same type of errors and our lessons focus on these as well as providing valuable practice. All teachers are fully qualified and selected for their teaching skills.

18Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?

Every student receives a statement of attendance at the end of his course which contains the duration of the course as well as the student's level of English.

19Do I need to buy a course book?

We recommend buying a course book, if your course is longer than 4 weeks. For long-term students it is essential to buy a course book. For short term courses schools can provide photocopies.

20What if the level of the class is too low/too high?

Teachers are always aware that the students are in the correct class according to their level. Should a student recognize that the level in his/her class is too high/low, he/she can change the class without any problem.

21Can I book my own accommodation?

You are welcome to book your own accommodation.

22Can I book just accommodation, without a course?

No. We can only organize accommodation for our course participants.